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Beta v3.0.3.306 20-Feb-2017    
as portable app: FFComp.exe 3.65 MiB 32-bit Windows
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FFComp beta v3.0.3.306 (20-Feb-2017)

New features and improvements:
Text File Merge:
   In this beta are now all essential functions of 2-Way Text File Merge and 3-Way Text File Merge
   implemented and ready for testing.
   However, a few merge features and improvements are still under development.

Significantly improved session management:
   The session management has been greatly expanded and improved. All compare and merge functions
   now use sessions, and to facilitate the work with sessions, the following commands were implemented:
   • New session... : Create a new session.
   • Copy session... : Copy the current session.
   • Rename session... : Rename the current session.
   • Save session : Save the current session.
   • Delete session... : Delete the current session from the internal session list.
   • Save session to disk : Save the current session to disk.
   • Load session from disk... : Load a previously saved session from disk.

Further updates to the User Interface:
  Several further enhancements and improvements to the user interface, for example:
   • New Session menu to facilitate working with sessions for "File Compare", "Merge text files" and "Folder Compare".
   • New and revised dialogs to manage sessions.
   • New commands in View menu to quickly select a color theme, switch on/off the ruler on top of the
      comparison panes and to show/hide certain toolbar buttons.
   • ... and some further small improvements.

New Format menu:
  The new format menu introduced with beta v3.0.2.31 now offers two different Capitalize commands:
   • Capitalize: Converts the first letter of words to uppercase and the remaining letters to lowercase.
   • Capitalize (only first char): Converts the first letter of words to uppercase, but the remaining letters
     remain unchanged.

Improved performance of fuzzy line alignment:
  The performance of fuzzy line alignment has been improved a lot and is no more restricted to 15000 lines.

Bug fixes:
• Text Editor: Inserting text lines containing more than one Tab does not show all Tabs correctly.
• Text File Merge: Several bug fixes.

FFComp beta v3.0.2.31 (23-Aug-2016)

New features and improvements:
Although this is primarily a bug fixing release, it also provides a new Format menu. This Format menu is available
in a "Text Compare" session and in a "Text File Merge" session and offers the following commands:
• Tabs to Spaces: Convert all tabs to spcaes.
• Spaces to Tabs (All): Convert all spaces to tabs (see aslo Note1).
• Spaces to Tabs (Leading): Convert only the leading spaces of a line to tabs (see aslo Note1).
• To Uppercase: Convert all characters to uppercase.
• To Lowercase: Convert all characters to lowercase.
• Capitalize: Convert the first letter of all words to uppercase. The remaining letters are not changed.

Note1: If there are not enough spaces to be replaced by a tab, they are kept in.
Note2: If nothing is selected, the entire file is processed. Otherwise, only the selected lines are processed.

Bug fixes:
• Text File Merge: The Find and the Replace command does not work reliable.
• Text File Merge: In some cases, the Backspace and Delete key does not work properly.
• Folder Compare Dialog: Some keyboard shortcuts not always work (for example: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, ...).
• Compare Folders using a "Folder Pair List (FPL)": Missing folders are not always marked with "[Path not found]".
• Text Editor: The dirty flag of both panes is cleared when a file is loaded into any of the panes.

FFComp beta v3.0.1.481 (15-Aug-2016)

New features and improvements:
Text File Merge:
  The biggest new features of the upcoming FFComp version 3.x is "Two-Way Text File Merge" and "Three-Way Text
  File Merge".
  In this beta, all essential functions of "Two-Way Text File Merge" are implemented and ready for testing.
  => File -> Merge text files...
  "Three-Way Text File Merge" will be available in the next beta of FFComp.

Updated User Interface:
  Many enhancements and improvements to the user interface, for example:
  • Menu colors and dialog colors are now matched to the chosen color scheme.
  • New design of checkbox buttons and radio buttons.
  • Drop down menu in the main window for quick access to the file and folder history.
  • Option to show inaccessible folders in Tree View mode.
     => Options -> Settings -> Folder Compare -> Show inaccessible folders
  • Ruler command in the View menu to quickly switch ON/OFF the ruler on top of the comparison panes.
  • Many revised dialogs.
  • ... and lot of other small improvements.

New color schemes with "Dark Mode" option:
  This beta version offers eight new predefined color schemes, and provides the ability to create six further fully
  customizable color schemes. A new "Dark Mode" option allows you to change the background color of commonly
  used user interface elements (menus, dialogs, fonts, icons,...) to dark background instead of the usual bright
  background. Moreover, this general background color (dark or bright) can be further changed in nine different stages.

Improved Thumbnail bar:
  Navigation with the thumbnail bar has been improved.

Classic GUI-Style removed:
  The old "Classic GUI style" has been removed.

Bug fixes:
• Text Replace: In some cases, the "Replace all" command does not replace all occurrences.
• Text Editor: Auto indent is not working when the previous line starts with a tab character.
• Logview: Huge logfiles are not correctly displayed.
• Open file in external editor/viewer: In some cases a "File not found" error is shown.
• Check for Updates: If no Internet connection is available, it can take minutes until the process terminates.
• Error messages: Correction of some wrong error messages.
Some further minor bug fixes.

This is a beta release and all new features and enhancements are still in development and may change until the final
release. If you have any comments, issues or suggestions, please send it to EMail or report it via the
FFComp Help Desk:
In order to be always informed about newly released beta versions, please enable the 'Beta check' in the Settings dialog:
=> Options -> Settings -> Startup -> Check for beta versions