FFComp Key Features

Compare text files, binary files, image files and complete directory trees.
In addition to files on your computer or on network, you can also compare files from FTP sites, files within
  (Zip) archives, files on Dropbox's cloud storage or even files on Web pages.
Fuzzy line matching to to align text lines that are similar but not identical.
Highlights text differences down to single characters.
Ignore text filter for white spaces and/or case.
Ignore text filter for column ranges, number of lines at start or end of files and empty lines.
Various image compare modes such as: Pixels mode with selectable difference tolerance, five Intensity modes,
  a Blend mode with selectable blend percentage and five Boolean operation modes.
Image operations to rotate, filp, scale or adjust the image positions to allow better comparison of images that have
  been resized, rotated, reflected or cropped.
Plug-in support.
Full Unicode support for UTF-8, UTF16-LE and UTF16-BE files.
Option to show folder comparison results in 'tree view' or 'list view' mode.
Print functionality with preview feature.
Remembers the 20 last compared file and folder pairs.
Full text file editing with undo feature in both comparison panes.
Easy navigation through the differences via 'Previous Difference' and 'Next Difference' buttons.
Multiple modes to compare the file contents for 'Folder Compare' operations (e.g. compare no content, compare only
  the beginning of files, compare the beginning and the end of files, ..., compare 1%, 10%, ... up to 100% of the files).
  This option is especially useful when comparing very large files, such as video files, ISO files, etc.
Option to use parameterizable 'Folder Pair Lists':
  (FPLs are text files that contain a list of folders to be compared).
Copying of text from the comparison panes into Clipboard and vice versa.
Direct copy of complete text lines between two compared text files.
Copying of files and folders between the compared folders (folder syncronization).
Allows deletion of files and folders (to trashcan or finally).
'Search' command to search any text in the comparison panes.
'Replace' command to replace any text in the comparison panes.
Powerful include and exclude filters for files and folders:
  Filtering of: file names, folder names, file sizes, file dates, file attributes and folder attributes.
Session handling for folder comparisons (the last 20 sessions are stored).
Adjustable pane splitter with re-center option.
5 predefined color schemes and 5 fully customizable color schemes.
Option to show a transfer rate graph for 'File Copy' operations.
Option to show a compare-rate graph for 'Folder Compare' operations.
Commandline interface.
Available as portable version (one exe-file) and as setup version.
And many more …
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