Currently, no beta version is available!

  FFComp plug-ins

FFComp plug-in sample pack:

The following seven plug-ins are included (more to come later):

Installation instructions:
After downloading, please unzip it in the FFComp directory and enable each plug-in that you would like to use under:
=> Options -> Settings -> Plug-Ins
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FFComp plug-in sample pack 12-Feb-2016 Remark
Download zip-file: The 16-bit plug-ins "DOC to Text" and "PPT to Text" have been replaced by 32-bit versions that also run on 64-bit versions of Windows.
The latest version of FFComp offers an easy-to-use plug-In interface for the ability to preprocess files prior to comparison.
You can use any console application (executable or batch file) that converts files as a FFComp plug-In.

Below you can download the "FFComp plug-in sample pack", which contains the executable files along with a brief documentation of seven preconfigured plug-ins usable with FFComp.

Note: The plug-ins provided with the "FFComp plug-in sample pack" are preconfigured with some useful default options, but you may need other options in order to get your desired result.
The available plug-in options can be found in the documentation provided for each plug-in.
Beta Downloads
PDF to Text: Portable Document Format (PDF) to text converter - version 3.03
DOC to Text: MS-Word (DOC) file to text converter - version 0.94.2 - 32-bit version!
PPT to Text: MS-PowerPoint (PPT) file to text converter - version 0.94.2 - 32-bit version!
XLS to Text: Excel Worksheet (XLS) to text (Comma Separated Value file) converter - version 1.2
PESnoop: PE32/PE32+/COFF/OBJ/LIB file dumper - version 2.0
XML Canonicalization: Convert XML files into its canonical form (consistently structured) - version 1.6.1
HTML Formating: Beautifiy HTML files by adding hierarchical indentation - version 14.02.2006
(only usable with version 2.3.6 and higher!)
Copyright © 2002-2016 Anton Riedl. All rights reserved.
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