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What is FFComp?

FFComp (File & Folder Compare) is a freeware Windows tool for visual file and
folder comparison. It is fast, simple to use and has lot of additional features like
editing of compared text-files, synchronizing folders, deleting files or folders, view
and modify file and folder properties, visual image compare, FTP, ZIP and
Dropbox support and many more.
You can find the Key Feature list of FFComp on the Features page.
New beta v3.0.3.306
If you like FFComp and if you want to support its continued development, you can make a donation of your choice.
Donations are the only support for FFComp, because it contains absolutely no adware or spyware (and it never will).


FFComp is distributed as freeware, please read the Disclaimer & License page.
Special thanks

My special thanks go to:
• Thomas Riedl, for the many suggestions to the GUI design and testing.
• Paul Boyer (Mormegil) [EMail], for the permission to use his
  images and symbols for this application.

FFComp has been successfully tested with Windows Vista and Windows 7, 8,
8.1 and Windows 10.
But like any other software it still has bugs and if you find a bug, please do not
hesitate to report it to me via following EMail: EMail.
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Copyright © 2002-2016 Anton Riedl. All rights reserved.
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20-Feb-2017: A new FFComp beta release is available on the BetaDownloads page.

Please visit the BetaDownloads page for more info.